Reduce Energy Consumption & Cut Costs Today

Automated Energy Saving Initiatives

Choose from a suite of IoT powered initiatives that simplify achieving energy savings at scale. From setpoint standardisation to setpoint lockdown, remote switch-offs to triad avoidance and virtual battery, each program is designed to impact in isolation or complement in combination.

Energy Data Visualisation & Live Dashboards

All your data, all in one place. Ingress energy data via MPAN or sub-metering and access feature-rich and intuitive in-system dashboards that help retailers track live energy consumption 24/7/365, benchmark consumption by asset type, understand asset energy consumption patterns and detect anomalies on first occurrence

Energy Wastage Optimisation

Reporting & Verification

A suite of automated energy reports enable retailers to easily obtain formatted data for further analysis, meet department or sustainability compliance requirements and demonstrate delivered energy savings. Verification frameworks such as IPMVP are also utilised to enable retailers to verify every project has the potential to save energy and positively impact costs.

Intelligent Insights

Your energy data is held in a visually reactive IoT software platform that enables retailers to easily access data from every asset, system and device in a centralised location. Held in a patented 360o data sphere and collected every 60 seconds, your data analysis is enriched via intuitive dashboards and overlay graphing tools that highlight previously unrealised impacts on energy usage by connecting previously unrelated data points. Allowing retailers to understand meaningful insights in real-time, 24/7/365.

Energy Project Design, Implementation & Review

Ecosystem Optimisation

Triad & DSR

LoweConex intelligently utilizes triad avoidance to automatically implement system running changes, ensuring minimal energy usage when higher tariff rates are in place. Not only reducing energy costs in current triad markets but future-proofing your retail estate for easy transition to demand side response (DSR).