Automated Estate-wide Control

Data-Driven HVAC Control.

Conventional HVAC management overlooks the potential of real-time data utilisation, hindering operational efficiency. As a result, companies face mounting energy expenses, unplanned downtimes, and environmental compliance pressures.

LoweConex HVAC Monitoring and Control empowers businesses with live data-driven insights, enabling precise control over HVAC operations, leading to reduced costs, enhanced sustainability, and improved equipment longevity.

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Pull Data from Every HVAC Unit

LoweConex make it easy to ingest HVAC data direct from the unit or from any BMS controllers you already have in place. Using our hardware agnostic system, you can pull data in quickly and move faster toward centralised control and actualising rapid change.

Graph HVAC Telemetry.

With your HVAC data collated and standardised on a single view, you can graph the performance data and visualise how your HVAC units are performing in real-time.

Optimise HVAC Portfolio through Automation.

Once you understand how your HVAC units are performing estate-wide, you can implement rules that enable your assets to respond dynamically in response to their environment.

Automatic Alarm Triaging.

When fault alarms are raised from HVAC units, LoweConex will used automation to triage what the fault is. If the fault requires human intervention to implement a fix, our software will automatically alert your teams and ensure rapid escalation to maintain asset operation.

Mass Switch-Offs

Often buildings have HVAC units running continuously, however for compliance purposes there is usually no requirement for continuous HVAC operation. LoweConex automation gives users control to trigger regular mass switch offs in the HVAC portfolio throughout the day, resulting in previously impossible energy saving estate-wide.

Setpoint Standardisation and Control.

HVAC assets have to remain at set temperatures throughout the day to keep building humidity and temperature controlled both to protect the building fabrication and building users. LoweConex uses automation to standardised HVAC control at scale across your entire estate, all while maximising energy savings by identifying opportunities for reduction.

Automate Your HVAC Control with LoweConex

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