IoT Data-driven Insights Predict Faults

Collecting accurate & live running data from any connected asset and running this through truth-based logic, LoweConex provides automatic analysis any potential failure. Potential breakdowns are automatically identified, triaged and the appropriate action is taken by the AI.

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Equipment Maintenance Powered by AI & IoT Core.

Utilising the mass data being harvested from any connected piece of equipment, LoweConex will automatically apply the logic step required of that condition. These steps include: do nothing and wait, send fixes directly to the connected device via the IoT gateway, notifications and only when necessary automatically raise a work order within your existing system.

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Reduced Engineer Callouts.

Truth-based logic continuously & automatically monitors faults, applying changes and fixes to reduce false callouts.

Data-driven PPM Regimes.

Analystics from equipment data can be used to drive more effective PPms.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan.

'Improved PPMs that target data-driven faults to prolong life of equipment.

Two-Way Communication.

Changes and fixes automatically applied to the connected asset via an IoT gateway.

Setpoint Lockdown.

Refrigeration systems have many operating controls to maintain a certain temperature. Setpoints are automatically locked down to maintain optimal running conditions.

Automatic Alarm Triaging.

Truth-based logic ensures the system handles nuisance alarms automatically.

IoT Gateways Deliver Enhanced Control

LoweConex IoT gateway devices remove for wired connections or data managers, as they connect directly to the LoweConex data sphere via WIFI, GSM using 2G, LTE-M & NB-IoT. This allows for rapid and securely two-way communication and control of the connected device.