AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance

Every second LoweConex ingests data from every asset in your business' estate. With your data held centrally, LoweConex informs users when assets are experiencing faults, why those faults exist and can enable remote triaging to determine the best course forward.

Taking things further, we use the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to analyse historic asset performance and use that data to enable predictive maintenance, letting you get ahead of breakdowns before they occur.

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Automated Maintenance Monitoring

Having timely and accurate maintenance data is essential to reduce breakdowns and lower cost and competitive impacts on your business. Every second LoweConex pulls data from every asset in your business automatically with absolutely no manual data input. Eliminate unnecessary manual checks and streamline timely maintenance management processes with our intuitive software solution.

AI and Machine Learning Analytics

LoweConex holds all of your historic data centrally on our software platform. Utilising AI and machine learning, our system analyses your performance data then provides predictive alerts for when assets should be serviced to ensure breakdowns never happen.

Data-driven Planned Preventative Maintenance

With your asset performance data to hand as well as predictive capability through our machine learning, you can implement data-driven preventative maintenance routines. LoweConex can alert your teams as to when assets may need routine checks on basis of your historic performance data, maintaining strong asset health estate wide.

Reduced Engineer Callouts

Engineer and maintenance call-outs cost businesses significantly year-on-year. Finding ways to mitigate the need for maintenance call outs is essential to lower costs and drive profitability. With LoweConex predictive maintenance, you can get ahead of faults before they occur, lowering costs, breakdown time and reducing the risk of spoiled goods or opportunity costs.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

Business assets and their longevity hit the bottom line. Maintaining healthy assets and mitigating the impact of depreciation on your business is essential for property and asset valuation and a healthy balance sheet. LoweConex software ensures your maintenance teams can keep your estate portfolio well maintained and looked after, investing in the right maintenance actions all informed by the best quality data in the market.

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