Solutions for Unsolved Problems.

At LoweConex we are practical problem solvers.  We do not believe in telling customers how it’s done, we believe in listening to understand how we can make it happen. 

Our intelligent software was built to solve a real problem for retailers, XX [the problem isn’t gathering and viewing data but how?]

Turning Data into Actionable Insights.

Retail estates are complex environments with a range of assets, monitoring systems and maintenance teams. 

We wanted to centralise asset management estate wide, allowing retailers to easily collect vast quantities of asset intel and performance data in a way that could be visualised in one location.  Creating connections between previously unconnected data to unlock intelligent analysis, enable time-saving automation and deliver considerable cost savings.

We wanted retailers to not only be able to view their data, but use it.  

Introducing LoweConex.

Borne from a desire to innovate, experiment with data and solve real world retail problems, the LoweConex data sphere was created. Inspired by our technical teams love of gaming, our patented 360o data sphere is a visually reactive, IoT powered software platform that has changed the way data visualisation and automation is implemented at scale. The LoweConex data sphere is capable of collecting c.100 million data instances every minute, implementing limitless automated actions and delivering intelligent analysis that can save your retail estate millions.

Ever Evolving

As legal and societal requirements for sustainability and energy management have changed the world’s priorities, we’ve changed ours. Our patented technology has evolved alongside the retail sector as they take accelerated steps towards sustainable practices and controlled emissions. Offering innovative energy management techniques and cutting-edge automation protocols, we are helping retailers significantly reduce their environmental impact and meet energy reduction and carbon emissions targets ahead of schedule.



Our Mission is Simple, Our Message is Sustainability.

At LoweConex, we want to empower retailers with industry pioneering IoT technology that actively reduces their carbon footprint, delivers significant energy reductions, and positively impacts the bottom line.

Utilizing XX two-way communication techniques and cutting edge automation we are on a mission to [Tie it to a figure].

Our Vision

Quote from our CEO

Our Success is Driven by Our People.

In an era of increased environmental awareness, sustainability in the retail sector is subject to fast-paced change. To truly make an immediate difference with long-term and lasting impact, we believe collaboration is crucial to success.  

That’s why we have put together a team of experts who don’t just have unmatched technical expertise but specialist industry experience, ensuring your retail estate is just as environmentally friendly in practice as it is on paper.