Automated Estate-wide Control

Live Remote Lighting Control

Leaving the lights on in buildings leads to higher energy consumption and costs businesses unnecessarily year-on-year. Having lighting controlled manually in a siloed building management system (BMS) approach can lead to estate wide inefficiencies.

LoweConex connects to your existing BMS controllers in each of your portfolio buildings, ingests their data on lighting control, then uses AI and automation to set rule sets to take control and drive better lighting management.

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Ingest BMS Lighting Data

LoweConex Software uses open-protocol capability to connect to any existing building management system (BMS) hardware, software and controllers you have and pull their lighting performance and operational data in to our platform. Our approach means none of your historic capital expenditure is wasted, keeping investment costs low all while optimising the estate using our single software platform.

Visualise Lighting Data

With all of your data easily ingested, LoweConex makes it simple to graph performance data and identify opportunities to reduce lighting use and drive business efficiencies.

Implement Rule Based Automation

With your lighting to hand LoweConex makes it easy to take your lighting monitoring to the next level. Using our automation and rule library you can set parameters that seamlessly seamlessly control every lighting zone throughout the day with no human intervention required.

Last Person Out Switch (LPOS)

When facilities close having a LPOS mechanism is essential to ensure that energy wastage does not occur when buildings are empty and not in use. LoweConex sets rules at set times to switch lighting zones off as and when buildings close, eliminating energy wastage regularly on a routine basis.

Seasonal Lighting Change

Managing your estate lighting between Winter and Summer periods can be difficult at scale. LoweConex lighting control makes it simple to change your lighting across the entire estate at the touch of a button. Set variating rules depending on the time of year and mitigate energy wastage across the estate.

Automate Your Lighting Control with LoweConex

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