Connect to any device in your estate

Easy-to-install IoT Hardware Gateways.

LoweConex IoT hardware gateways are installed on to your physical units and assets in your estate enabling complete connectivity to previously disconnected goods.

Perfect for smaller sites without existing BMS functionality, our hardware solutions can enable data visibility across the entire estate and plug gaps where they exist.

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Designed to Do More, with Less.

Engineered Design

CE and FFC approved, LoweConex devices have been specifically designed by hardware specialists to provide versatile connectivity that enables customers to control asset energy management, maintenance, food safety + compliance from one device.

Extensive Compatibility

LoweConex devices are compatible with an extensive range of assets. Specifically designed to support the diverse nature of retail asset registers and remove traditional barriers associated with connecting to asset types, models and controllers.

Easy Install

Plug and play design facilitates direct connection to asset controllers, streamlining the wiring of connection points from many to one for ease of install. The elimination of layers of traditional and time-consuming install infrastructure enables retailers to utilise trained service providers or electricians to complete device fitting for a cost-effective connectivity program.

Flexible Connectivity

Choose to connect and transmit data via Wi-Fi or LTE/GSM networks. Connectivity via LTE/GSM networks allows LoweConex devices to sit outside of retailers own networks, mitigating any security concerns. If Wi-Fi connectivity is authorised LoweConex devices can auto change between Wi-Fi and GSM networks to ensure signal is maintained, ideal for store locations where Wi-Fi network coverage is intermittent.

Two-Way Communication

LoweConex devices enable retailers to collect data from connected assets and implement instant remote changes on each asset directly. Utilising MQTT protocols to securely transfer data directly to the cloud instead of via an edge device, removing a single point of failure.

Real-Time Data

Data resolution of 60 seconds allows retailers to collect asset performance data at 1-minute intervals and take real-time action to optimise their operations and resolve day-to-day issues.

Designed with Purpose to Perform in Fast-Paced Retail Environments.

Connect your assets with purpose-built hardware engineered for success.

With seamless integration and real-time data collection, LoweConex devices offer connectivity you can rely on and control you can customise.

  • Prevent outdated hardware with remote updates that deliver newly released functionality to existing LoweConex devices.
  • Streamline control systems with device functionality that facilitates optimisation commands for energy management, maintenance and food safety + compliance.
  • Enhance the flexibility of your remote monitoring program with a hardware solution that connects to an extensive range of assets.
  • Create agile asset management programs with real-time data collection and remote control that allows you to implement immediate solutions.

See how our IoT Hardware could work for you!

LoweConex is loved and trusted by some of the biggest names in retail, hospitality, property management and building management systems (BMS). Get in touch with us to see how it could work for you!

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