Energy Specialists and Data Scientists

End-to-end Managed Service.

LoweConex Bureau is comprised of a team of energy management experts and data scientists who remotely manage your asset estate to optimise operations, deliver sustainable savings and save you money.

By continually identifying cost saving opportunities and implementing innovative improvements we ensure your retail operations are efficient, effective, and environmentally compliant.

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Specialist Expertise

Access curated HVAC and refrigeration management expertise and experience that spans retail environments and operations, remote estate management, control hardware, energy management, sustainability governance, data science and IoT connectivity. Our bureau offer a managed service that ensures your estate is optimised constantly throughout the year.

Data-Driven Insights

Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Leads continually review your data, identify key performance indicators, complete trend analysis and investigate anomalies. Using their knowledge to detect nuances, draw new correlations between connected data and provide actionable recommendations that gives businesses the intelligence they need to make informed decisions.

Energy Reduction Year-on-Year

Working with our award-winning team ensures your business achieves continuous energy reduction year-on-year. LoweConex have demonstrated experience working for the largest names in retail, refrigeration, hospitality and public sector. Our team of energy managers and data scientists will roll out initiatives that reduce costs, consumption and drive sustainable, profitable business growth.

Streamlined Reporting

Get tailored advice to select automated reports and live performance dashboards to meet your needs, all of which are technically configured and implemented by our team. Whether you're working toward Net Zero, ESG Goals or Maintenance Objectives, our team will generate regular reports that provide complete visibility in to business performance estate-wide.

Ongoing Automation Optimisation

Committed to consistently implementing improvements that deliver immediate value and long-term success, our team don’t just identify one-off opportunities but continually drive positive change within your organisation. As reporting occurs, our team will suggest recommendations and automation implementations to your team, and take action to roll those initiatives out estate-wide to further optimise energy management and controls processes.

Stay Compliant with Regulation

All remote changes and adjustments made to your estate are implemented in line with industry best practice and compliance standards. Unauthorised access and adjustments that can erode the savings and benefits of implemented changes are policed by LoweConex Bureau and automatically prevented or reset to designated requirements, giving you peace of mind that your estate remains compliant all year round.

No Fine Print. Welcome to Transparency You Can Trust.

Insights backed by data, innovative solutions implemented by industry experts.

With structured monthly and quarterly reviews, our Bureau team provide transparency on what we’re doing today, differently and to deliver.

Together we provide retailers with: 

  • Continual cost-savings.
  • Ongoing efficiencies.
  • Proactive solutions.
  • Optimised assets.
  • Dedicated support.