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Automated Refrigeration Control

Managing refrigeration fleets to meet food safety regulations is a must for businesses. However, it's equally important to address the high energy consumption of these fleets to achieve energy savings and cost reduction objectives.

With LoweConex refrigeration monitoring, users gain access to continuous data flows, asset performance visualisations, and rule-based control parameters, allowing for automated remote control and progress towards energy efficiency targets.

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Automated Dataflows and Instant Alerts

Accessing data quickly is paramount to make automation in your estate a reality. Using LoweConex, our users benefit from data pulling every second from their refrigeration assets. Once data is ingested, automated rulesets detect what alarm codes mean and ensure your business teams are kept alerted to faults immediately as and when they arise.

Real-time Temperature Control

Having data ingested in LoweConex offers complete remote control of refrigeration assets. Using our software, you can remotely change temperature set points in real-time for all or a select portion of your fleet. Further to that, you can implement set point lockdowns, ensuring static assets that require continuous cooling for compliance purposes remain risk-free and fully functional.

Control Energy Consumption and Demand

Sustainability, net zero, and ESG objectives are paramount for businesses with expansive refrigeration fleets, given the challenges posed by their energy consumption. LoweConex provides a solution by enabling you to monitor your fleet's energy usage and deploy proven automated rule sets to decrease your energy footprint. Notably, large UK retailers have achieved up to a 27% average reduction in consumption with LoweConex.

Predictive Maintenance

Data in LoweConex isn't just used for energy management and temperature control. Using Machine Learning and AI, our technology analyses your stored historic data to predict when assets may breakdown so you can get ahead of faults before they occur. Using that level of insight, you can mitigate the risk of lost stock, opportunity costs and lower the amount of work orders required throughout the year, offering further cost savings beyond energy reduction.

Instore & Online Retail

Retailers need complete visibility of their refrigeration performance. When refrigeration assets breakdown, it costs retail millions annually in spoiled stock and opportunity costs of lost sales. Moreover with food regulations worldwide having specific temperature requirements for how food is held and stored, maintaining standardised set points in refrigeration is essential to mitigate business risk. LoweConex is perfectly built for retailers to help them resolve these challenges with automated refrigeration controls.

Pharma & Medical Cold Storage

Ensuring medications and vaccines are maintained under recommended storage conditions is critical for maintaining the integrity of the medications to be dispensed. Refrigeration temperature monitoring to efficiently manage vaccine handling, storage and the cold chain. LoweConex helps pharmaceutical businesses control these assets at scale, monitor for breakdowns and issues and standardise and control the cold chain to stay compliant with requirements.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Food & Beverage manufacturers have large manufacturing refrigeration that is essential to their business operations. Ensuring that refrigeration is monitored, maintained and is running as efficiently as possible is essential to protect the business commercially. LoweConex automates the refrigeration of large cold rooms and refrigeration units, simplifying the process and significantly reducing the risks that exist for these businesses.

Fully Automated Temperature Control

Integrating a comprehensive fridge temperature monitoring system can deliver assured compliance and effectively mitigate risk. Ideal for Retail, Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing industries, LoweConex will detect risks to food safety, protect product viability and reduce product loss. 

  • Error prone manual checks eliminated
  • Traceable reports for audits
  • Improved efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance (HACCP)

Manage Refrigeration Control with LoweConex

LoweConex is loved and trusted by some of the biggest names in retail, hospitality, industrial manufacturing and public sector. Get in touch with us to see how it could work for you!

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