Intelligent Unified Data Platform.

True IoT core technology that collects, analyses and automates data-driven decisions across any legacy connected data source or new devices within your estate.

Data Harvesting on an unprecedented scale.

Harvest hundreds of millions of data points from any connected source. LoweConex uses MQTT protocols to instantly transmit data via secure channels to the patented cloud-based data sphere. This can be done on your current monitoring system or via LoweConex IoT gateways.

Automated decision making.

Use AI-driven automation to make real-time improvements within your connected estate or building. LoweConex deploys customised truth and rule-based logic which applies changes to connected equipment, triages and predicts faults, and assess alarm data automatically. Don't Just view the data, use it.

Automated two-way communication.

Remove the time-consuming manual equipment process with AI-driven communication via LoweConex. LoweConex continuously analyses live data and responds in real-time to automatically implement changes, reset system setpoints, and raise work orders via LoweConex's wireless IoT gateways.

Industry accreditations
Trio Accred 2

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