Build Back Greener. Together.

As businesses set ambitious Net Zero targets and strive to meet ESG commitments, the need for pro-active forums has never been greater.

LoweConex Community provides customers with access to a collaborative environment that shares industry best practice, driving continuous improvements and innovation within the technical deployment of IoT energy saving solutions and initiatives.

One World.

Climate change is the greatest single problem we face as a planet. At LoweConex we believe actively adapting to our changing climate is critical to secure the future of our world. Using cutting edge IoT technology we are committed to playing our part to ensure our only home, remains our home.

One Mission.

Breaking below 1.5oC requires people all around the world to implement on-the-ground solutions today. At LoweConex we are actively working with Fortune 500 companies to help businesses achieve energy consumption reduction, limit carbon emissions and report on their progress.

One Chance.

If not now, when? At LoweConex we understand the urgent need to act: to implement practicial solutions that deliver tangible results, to utilise innovative technology that accelerates progression, to create and inform industry best practice through collaboration. Together, we can help solve the climate crisis.

Driving Change through Collaboration.

Communities by their very nature contain a diversity of opinions, ideas and knowledge. When you join the LoweConex Community you gain valuable exposure to developing solutions, insights and techniques that inform industry best practice.

All created by technology experts from across the IoT spectrum, who are working together with members of the LoweConex Community to implement innovative solutions that not only solve your problems on paper but in practice.

Join the Community, Grow the innovation.

Reap the rewards of joining an innovative network that is constantly challenging accepted norms and reinventing XX technology.

Surrounding your business with like-minded individuals who are overcoming traditional system failings to build success in the growing arena of energy reduction initiatives and sustainability. 

  • Inform new product development via LoweConex Community feedback.
  • Get early access to new product and software releases.
  • Exclusive access to new innovations developed within the LoweConex Community.
  • Solutions tailored to and developed within your industry.
  • Be a part of redefining industry best practice.

You're in Good Company

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Operate independently or connect to any compatible controller. LoweConex can monitor asset, ambient and product temperature at a data resolution of 60 seconds.

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