IoT Powered Fridge Temperature Monitoring

Do you need a fridge temperature monitoring system that automatically tracks live fridge temperatures 24/7? delivers automated compliance reports? or continually monitors asset performance? With LoweConex you can eliminate manual temperature checks, error-prone paper logs and unexpected fridge faults or breakdowns. Refrigeration temperature monitoring you can trust. 

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Designed For All Fridge Temperature Monitoring Industries

Instore & Online Retail

Spend more time on customers service and less time on manual checks using LoweConex fridge monitoring system. Mitigate against stock loss and ensure compliance with automated food safety reports, instant alarm notifications and automatic alarm triage.

Pharma & Medical Cold Storage

Ensuring medications and vaccines are maintained under recommended storage conditions is critical for maintaining the integrity of the medications to be dispensed. Refrigeration temperature monitoring to efficiently manage vaccine handling, storage and the cold chain.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturing refrigeration can be big and expensive to run. LoweConex refrigeration temperature monitoring decreases operational downtime. A fridge monitoring solution with the efficiency to improve both capital and operation costs.

Fully Automated Temperature Control

Integrating a comprehensive fridge temperature monitoring system can deliver assured compliance and effectively mitigate risk. Ideal for Retail, Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing industries, LoweConex will detect risks to food safety, protect product viability and reduce product loss. 

  • Error prone manual checks eliminated
  • Traceable reports for audits
  • Improved efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance (HACCP)

Flexibility and Control with Devices

Temperature Monitoring

LoweConex tracks temperature data 24/7 and automatically makes decisions that protect product integrity and ensure regulatory compliance.

IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Use live data to accurately predict equipment breakdowns before they occur. Avoiding costly repairs, engineer callouts or production stoppages.

Manage Energy Demand

Implementing automated energy countermeasures and using certified energy measurement equipment, LoweConex can create real-time energy consumption savings across your refrigeration fleet.

Assured Compliance

Data & Instant notification

Data is received every 60 seconds on every unit connected to LoweConex and is stored on the system for up to 5 years. Triggers and alarms are also automated on your refrigeration temperature monitoring to identifying issues instantly and reducing stock wastage.

Temperature Set Points

To get the best from your fridge monitoring system temperature set points can be remotely adjusted, ensuring that products are stored at appropriate refrigeration temperatures. LoweConex gives you the flexible control to support you improve efficiency.

Set Point Lock Down

Controller settings can be updated so that they are unalterable on-site. This allows a greater degree of control across all stores refrigeration temperature monitoring and mitigates the risk of human error or short-term cabinet fixes by changing temperature on the controller.