IoT HVAC Monitoring & Control

LoweConex continuously harvests live actionable data from any connected HVAC unit within your estate. Through rule and truth-based logic this data is used to automatically make decisions around the HVAC’s running conditions, energy consumption and provide predictive maintenance patterns.  Saving cost, boosting efficiency and prolonging the life of the HVAC systems.

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Fits in your current monitoring flow.

Software only or combination hardware & software solutions to meet your needs.

Intelligent Control.

Running conditions are automatically applied estate wide.

IoT Predictive Maintenance.

Rule & Truth-based logic can be used to predict failures and adjust PPMs based on live data.

Automatic Alarm Triaging.

Rule-based logic ensure that the system handles nuisance alarms automatically.

Two-Way Communication.

Real-time responses to alarms, powered by automatic AI-driven communication.

Setpoint Lockdown.

Setpoints are automatically locked down to maintain optimal running conditions.