Energy Management

Reduce Energy Usage with IoT Core.

Harvesting over c.100million data points every 60 secs, energy demand and usage patterns are quickly identified by LoweConex. Using truth-based logic and two-way communication via the IoT gateway, LoweConex automates energy management decisions around reducing energy usage and understanding on how to deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency.


Energy Usage Countermeasures.

Truth-based logic continuously & automatically monitors energy usage.

Intelligent Control.

Running conditions are automatically applied estate wide.

Two-Way Communication.

Real-time responses to alarms, powered by automatic AI-driven communication.

Demand Response Solutions

LoweConex demand response solutions analyse asset energy demands and implement changes to asset running conditions that lower energy requirements, reducing energy usage across your estate during high tariff periods.  Energy management resource options for balancing supply and demand based on financial incentives.

  • Financial Incentives.
  • Lower rental rates.
  • Lower electric bills
  • Sustainability Targets
  • Demand Aggregator

Setpoint Lockdown.

Setpoints are automatically locked down to maintain optimal running conditions.

Automatic Alarm Triaging.

Truth-based logic ensures the system handles nuisance alarms automatically.

Virtual Battery Principles

Deploy virtual battery principles that enable customers to store energy.