Trendsetting Technology, Real-Time Results.

LoweConex provide intelligent IoT software solutions via a patented data visualisation platform and wireless hardware to reduce energy consumption and remotely manage assets in real-time.

Supporting retailers across the industry spectrum, LoweConex have enabled enterprise organisations to unlock new energy savings, meet Net Zero Scope 2 commitments and effectively reduce their carbon footprint. 

Open and Scalable IoT Technology for Unconnected and Legacy Retail Estates

Set your retail estate up for success with intelligent IoT powered software and hardware that offers easy integration to achieve streamlined control.

  • Simplify the complexity of multi-store operations with a software platform that centralises your data and streamlines asset, system or device control.
  • Guaranteed ROI within 12 months of deployment.
  • Join the low-carbon economy, meet sustainability targets and commitments with ease utilizing cutting edge IoT technology.
  • Access trusted expert advisory services in an ever-changing energy market.
  • Reduce unnecessary operational costs with a complete solution that allows retailers to remotely monitor and control retail estates with ease.

SaaS Solution

The LoweConex software platform connects directly to your edge device and instantly harvests legacy data from existing systems within your estate. LoweConex can then utilize intelligent techniques such as mass data analysis and automated rules via two-way communication.

Hardware Solution

LoweConex IoT hardware devices are fitted to your assets, creating secure wireless connections which remove the need for complex wired edge devices and enable two-way communication via MQTT & NB-IoT. Instantly transmitting data to the LoweConex software platform and allowing changes to be applied automatically to any connected asset.

LoweConex Bureau

The LoweConex Bureau is comprised of a dedicated team of experts who support retailers to achieve their sustainability targets. Analysing estate-wide data, implementing automated energy reduction initiatives and creating asset efficiency protocols to meet customer targets. The LoweConex Bureau also offer a fully managed service, partnering with retailers internal teams to remotely manage, monitor and optimise their retail estates.

Data Visualisation

Using a patented 360o data sphere, LoweConex has changed the way in which data visualisation is implemented at scale. Visually reactive filters allow easy navigation to immediate alarm concerns, live graphing enables multiple otherwise unrelated asset data points to be overlaid for intelligent diagnostics and built-in dashboards allow retailers to proactively trend and predict faults or issues.

Centralised Control

Multiple systems, one location. Easily view and access all your asset, system and device data in a single software platform. Designed with flexibility at the fore, LoweConex is an open protocol solution that allows you to centralise all your data and communicate with your existing technology. Ideal for retailers with legacy estates and existing infrastructure to optimise existing frameworks via API.

Intelligent Automation

Automatically implement intelligent control actions based on live-time data to reduce your energy consumption, optimise your retail estate and resolve issues in real-time. LoweConex utilizes intelligent automation to generate cost savings for retailers without the need for large teams or additional resources. Select automated rules from a regularly reviewed library or create bespoke rules to target specific requirements or energy market changes.

Two-Way Communication.

Real-time responses to alarms, powered by automatic AI-driven communication.

Unparalleled Compatibility

LoweConex IoT devices are compatible with an extensive range of assets. Specifically designed to support the diverse nature of retail asset registers and remove traditional barriers associated with connecting to asset types, models and controllers.

Scalable Control

LoweConex IoT devices communicate via MQTT and NB-IoT, enabling mass setting changes to be instantly implemented and activated within 60secs. Allowing retailers with large estates to replace typically time consuming and manual setpoint adjustments with automated remote control.

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