Move From Reactive to Predictive.

Reduced Work Orders. Reduced Engineer Callouts. Reduced MTTR.

Just a few of the benefits for facilities management teams when you employ intelligent IoT automation from LoweConex.  If you want to automate work order raising, predict breakdowns before they happen, increase control over contracted maintenance or push remote fixes - the latest IoT predictive maintenance offering on the market helps you do just that.

Discover the Benefits

Performance as Promised.

Remote Fixes

LoweConex can automatically implement remote fixes,

Reduced Engineer Callouts

Truth-based logic continuously & automatically monitors faults, applying changes and fixes to reduce false callouts.

Reduced Equipment Downtime

LoweConex uses data to predict when equipment failures are about to take place, analysing live performance and alarm telemetry to automatically identify maintenance requirements.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

Targeted preventive maintenance in combination with immediate breakdown repair extends the lifespan of your equipment by continually optimising running conditions.

Data-Driven PPM Regimes

PPM frequency can be scheduled in response to live data, enabling facilities teams to avoid undetected issues turning into costly equipment repairs or permanent damage that calls for replacement assets.

Automatic Work Orders

With open API to directly connect to existing work order systems, LoweConex can automatically raise work orders.

How does it work?

LoweConex connects directly to your assets and transfers data via secure channels to a patented cloud-based data sphere.  This IoT platform enables users to visualise their data in detail across multiple store locations, with a single colour coded sphere capable of displaying over 2 million individual assets across 2,700 sites. 

Collecting c.100 million data instances per minute at a data resolution of 60 seconds, LoweConex can overlay otherwise unconnected data points to predict breakdowns, provide comprehensive performance understanding, triaging and fault diagnosis.  Automatically monitoring equipment, LoweConex can remotely apply fixes and take corrective action to improve system running conditions using truth-based and rule-based logic.  

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Work Order Raising and FM Dashboards

Open API functionality means integrating LoweConex with existing work order systems is easy.  Once connected, LoweConex can automatically raise work orders in 3rd party systems and utilizing rule-based logic ensure work orders are only created when necessary - preventing unnecessary engineer callouts. 

With curated dashboards that give a live overview of your estate, facilities teams can track the number of daily work orders created, percentage of repeat calls and SLA compliance.

Monitor work orders raised per site as a useful store benchmarking tool or analyse the percentage of calls attended within SLA to gain a live and accurate comparison of contractor performance - a key cost centre for customers with large asset fleets.

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Move Away from Manual Processes

Unrivalled automation frees up your time, moving you and your team away from labour intensive manual processes and towards intelligent and limitless control actions. 

  • Unlimited control actions, implemented in live time
  • IoT predictive maintenance
  • FM site dashboards with SLA compliance charts
  • Remote diagnoses and fixes
  • One source of truth to manage all your assets

Let’s talk about your data and device monitoring requirements.

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