Charles Tyrwhitt Advances Sustainability Progress with Sizeable Green Tech Investment

Energy Management
Charles Tyrwhitt Advances Sustainability Progress with Sizeable Green Tech Investment

LoweConex wins estate-wide rollout of asset control technology to enhance Charles Tyrwhitt’s sustainability initiatives.

LoweConex, a leading provider of IoT energy management solutions, has partnered with renowned menswear brand Charles Tyrwhitt to help the retailer reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.  The move will see LoweConex roll its cutting-edge asset management technology across HVAC systems in all UK Charles Tyrwhitt stores and distribution centres.

Offering Charles Tyrwhitt a holistic view of their entire HVAC asset portfolio, in-depth understanding of running performance, and access to intelligent automation that drives energy efficiencies, carbon emission reductions and sustainable maintenance.

But the solution isn’t limited to asset management, the technology rollout will feed Charles Tyrwhitt’s sustainable commitments, offering the retailer accessible and accurate data to prove progress against critical targets.

Gareth Strangwood, Head of Distribution and Facilities at Charles Tyrwhitt said: “We are always keen to invest in innovative technology.  The data intelligence and remote control provided by LoweConex will allow us to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, tackle wastage and better inform the right environmental initiatives for our store environments across the country.

We are excited to work with LoweConex as our technology partner to optimise operations, leverage automation capabilities and gain data driven insights, thus improving the environmental performance of our store portfolio.”

Orla McGreevy, Divisional Sales Director at LoweConex said: “The retail industry is witnessing major sustainability transformation, and they are relying on new intelligent automation and connectivity solutions to unlock the power of their data.  It is only when retailers understand their own environmental impact through the lens of accurate and actionable data that they can implement authentic actions that will turn the tide on responsible resource consumption, carbon emissions control and waste prevention.

We are delighted to work with Charles Tyrwhitt to provide remote monitoring and control through our IoT software platform and reliable connectivity via LoweConex hardware, which will enable Charles Tyrwhitt to take control of their HVAC assets and realise sustainable savings.  

The LoweConex technology rollout is already underway, with all stores set to benefit from the innovative energy management solution by the close of May 2023.

About LoweConex

LoweConex are a team of technology innovators. Leading the development and distribution of a new generation of IoT systems we enable retailers to connect, optimise and remotely control their instore asset portfolio in real-time. 

We are the only OmniTech brand that creates profitability from your assets via scalable control, promoting sustainable business.

About Charles Tyrwhitt

Established in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is a quintessentially British multi-channel clothing retailer that specialise in the provision of dress shirts, ties, suits, casualwear, shoes and accessories.  With retail stores now located across UK, USA and even Paris their commitment to quality, timeless style and exemplary customer service has propelled their brand to widely accredited global recognition.