Tracked. Transparent. Proven.

Tracked energy usage. Transparent reporting. Proven energy reductions. 

Real-time reporting from LoweConex provides the intelligent insights you need to achieve accelerated Net Zero progress and the data demanded to demonstrate delivered results. 

Stop estimating with your energy data, start reporting in real-time. 

Empower Your Teams with Real-Time Reporting.

Real-Time Energy Reporting You Can Rely On.

Complex data doesn't have to mean difficult to digest reporting.

Get what you need, when you need it. Understand what's happening as it takes place. Let LoweConex make your energy and emissions reporting easy. 

  • Live reporting that displays data captured every 60secs for real-time analysis.
  • Pre-built suite of intelligent reports, specifically developed and standardised to meet Net Zero requirements.
  • Auditable data that allows retailers to meet mandatory reporting requirements with ease.

What is included?

Energy Consumption Reports

View energy consumption per asset, store or region. Measure kWh energy usage and understand consumption patterns, peak times for energy costs and immediate impact of implementing intelligent reduction initiatives.

Energy Reduction Reports

Review the impact of selected energy reduction initiatives on energy usage and Scope 2 emissions to measure effectiveness, accurately track progress against targets and realise new opportunities as they arise.

Asset Performance Reports

Easily identify alarm and performance issue trends across your retail estate on first occurrence. Minimising the impact of breakdowns and asset downtime on energy reduction initiatives or cost-saving measures.

Data Set Reports

Receive reports on specific data sets to fulfil analysis requirements within given job roles or retail operations. Accommodate varying internal team requirements across energy usage, energy reduction, asset performance and cost-saving data sets.

Interactive Store Dashboard

Enable stores or selected management to track and understand how instore behaviour impacts energy usage. LoweConex store dashboard visualises energy usage and asset performance within stores, connecting otherwise unrelated data to highlight previously unrealised impacts on energy usage. For example, energy wasted due to store or refrigeration doors left open.

GHG Emissions Calculations

LoweConex energy experts calculate your green house gas emissions and subsequent reductions, using industry approved and standardised methods. This emissions data can then be utilized to meet ESG reporting requirements.

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting for Retailers.

Accurate reporting is crucial for effective energy and emissions management, LoweConex takes the stress out of creating structure with standardised reporting that allows retailers to demonstrate delivered results.


  • Easily monitor energy reduction savings to ensure you are on track to meet your Net Zero targets.
  • Instantly identify trends and patterns as they occur, enabling you to make accelerated and intelligent decisions on further energy reduction tactics.
  • Access to dedicated energy specialists and data scientists for consultative support on energy management reporting.
  • Provides data transparency for your key stakeholders and suppliers, demonstrating your progress and commitment as a retailer to Net Zero emission reductions.
  • Meet analysts and investors needs for relevant information about value drivers within your retail estate.