Energy Reduction, Easy as IoT.

Analyse live data. Implement instant remote changes. LoweConex IoT powered energy reduction solutions make energy management easy.

Utilising cutting edge two-way communication technology, LoweConex not only receives asset energy usage and performance data at 60sec intervals but remotely sends commands.

Enabling your retail estate to be reactive to tariff changes 365 days a year and energy efficient, always.

Get SMART, Choose IoT Energy Management.

The Smart Way to Control Your Energy.

LoweConex have developed a suite of IoT powered initiatives that enable your retail estate to achieve significant energy reduction.

Through centralised asset management, live time adjustments and comprehensive reporting LoweConex deliver energy savings with impact.

  • Remote switch-offs
  • Setpoint lockdown
  • Setpoint standardisation
  • Triad avoidance
  • Virtual battery
  • Store behaviour reporting

Remote Switch-Offs

LoweConex remote switch-offs can be individually or batch applied to energy consuming assets during periods of low or no footfall instore. Decreasing energy consumption by ensuring assets are only operational when required and increasing asset lifespans due to reduced usage.

Setpoint Standardisation

LoweConex can remotely implement setpoint standardisation at scale or on individual assets to reduce energy consumption. Creating energy savings through consistent running parameters that are tailored to best practice recommendations, all controlled and agreed centrally by you.

Setpoint Lockdown

Once asset setpoints have been agreed and implemented, LoweConex lockdown functionality ensures no unauthorised alterations can be implemented without granted permissions. Protecting energy savings achieved through setpoint standardisation or optimisation until asset decommissioning, offering long-term cost efficiencies.

Virtual Battery

LoweConex can implement automated changes to asset running conditions that increase energy usage during off peak times, building an energy reserve that can then be released while energy is sold at higher tariffs. Avoiding unnecessary energy consumption and taking pressure off the grid during high demand.

Triad Avoidance

LoweConex intelligently utilizes triad avoidance to automatically implement system running changes, ensuring minimal energy usage when higher tariff rates are in place. Not only reducing energy costs in current triad markets but future-proofing your retail estate for easy transition to demand side response (DSR).

Store Behaviour Reporting

LoweConex comprehensive reporting suite includes store behaviour and energy usage reporting. Highlighting trends, concerns and barriers to energy consumption reduction across your retail estate in real-time for instant resolution.

Be Energy Intelligent - Turn Data into Opportunities.

It's time to demand more from your data. With IoT energy management solutions from LoweConex your energy consumption isn't just monitored.

It's expertly analysed, instantly optimised and effectively reduced to deliver immediate energy savings across your retail estate.

  • Reduce your kWh energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Accurately forecast kWh energy requirements through energy consumption analysis, asset profiling and reporting.
  • Achieve immediate ROI.
  • Proactive consultancy to understand your energy targets and translate these into effective energy reduction.
  • Access to a network of energy management experts and data scientists.
  • Continuous development and implementation of innovative technology to sustainably reduce energy consumption.