Centralise Your Data

Collect, analyse and manage your data in a single software platform. Providing a holistic view of your ESG environmental performance to establish connections and drive improvements.

Instantly Implement Insights

Utilize IoT energy management solutions from LoweConex to instantly implement identified improvements. Enabling your retail estate to capitalize on accurate reporting, accelerate sustainability progress and eliminate the need for multiple suppliers to achieve environmental goals.

Gain Expertise and ESG Resources

The LoweConex Bureau is comprised of a dedicated team of data scientists and energy management experts who can provide contextualised guidance for evolving reporting practices, regulations and standards. Helping you understand environmental reporting requirements, collect correct data and generate compliant report submissions.

Eliminate Manual Work

Selecting data to meet ESG metric requirements is difficult and time-consuming on your own. LoweConex Bureau work closely with your sustainability officers, energy managers, CFOs and facilities leads to provide the most relevant reports for each department in an easy to read format.

Comply with Ease

LoweConex data is fully auditable and can be easily collated into intelligent reports that ensure your retail estate meets a variety of ESG environmental framework standards.

Automate Your ESG Reporting

Select your reports and let LoweConex set it up. Once your data is collected and reporting metrics defined, LoweConex Bureau will create your reporting schedule in line with ESG environmental reporting deadlines. Implementing intelligent automation rules to collect and collate your required reports.

GHG Emissions Calculations

LoweConex energy experts calculate your GHG emissions against energy consumption using extensive data sets. Planning continuous targets for ongoing GHG reductions to future proof your retail estate.

SMART-Enabled Refrigeration

LoweConex implements intelligent automation protocols such as setpoint standardisation and virtual battery principles to reduce your kWh energy consumption.

Interactive Reporting

LoweConex reporting allows retailers to interact with their data in live time. Live reports track asset performance, energy consumption, reduction initiatives and comparative data across multiple locations within your retail estate.



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