Where Complete Connectivity Meets Total Control.

In an era marked by an explosion of data, the urgency to harness connectivity and control is paramount.  Yet, many are constrained by legacy systems and limited solutions. 

Introducing OmniTech: not just a product, but a revolutionary new industry term and technology category. 

With LoweConex at its helm, OmniTech embodies the next evolution in IoT, seamlessly connecting, collecting and commanding data to usher in a new era of possibilities. 

Connect to Control

From Only, To Everything.


A combining form meaning 'all', everything in everywhere.

+ Technology

The application of scientific knowledge to the change and manipulation of the human environment.

= OmniTech

One technology that connects, controls and integrates data across environments.

A Flexible Approach for a Fragmented World.

Connect & Collect

Select the assets or systems for integration, and LoweConex will seamlessly gather your data in real time.

Observe & Optimise

View your collected data in a variety of visualisations, and LoweConex will implement automated measures for optimisation upon approval.

Command & Control

Leverage actionable, real-time insights and LoweConex will make informed remote adjustments for continuous control.

Benefits that take your business out of the box.

Our technology liberates businesses from the limitations of outdated legacy systems or singular solutions. Giving you unparalleled access, control and ownership of your most valuable asset - your data.

We place the power firmly back in your hands with amplified connectivity, enhanced visibility and complete control.  

  • Integrate data across your environments
  • Centralise visibility and control
  • Drive value from your data
  • Access endless optimisation
  • Save money and protect your bottom line