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Retail is a complex environment, but sustainable operations don’t have to be. 

The LoweConex IoT software platform enables retailers to connect, optimise and remotely control their instore asset portfolio in real-time. 

It’s time to get access to the data you need, the control you want and the results every retailer requires in a low-carbon economy.

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Hardware Agnostic

Universal connectivity as standard. Designed with flexibility at the fore, LoweConex is an open protocol platform with integrated and flexible APIs that connect to and collect data from any source. Ideal for retailers with legacy estates and existing infrastructure to optimise established frameworks and repurpose outdated hardware.

Centralised Data

Easily view in-depth performance data of every asset, system and device in a single software platform. LoweConex creates a single source of the truth for estate asset management that allows retailers to understand the relationship between different data sets and derive actionable insights.

Centralised Control

Remotely control every asset, system and device in a single software platform. LoweConex provides a centralised control solution for estate asset management that allows retailers to communicate with new and existing technology with ease. Facilitating mass control actions that deliver efficiencies directly related to the scale of your estate.

Real-time Reporting

With real-time data integration, a suite of automated reports collates and presents your data in an easy to read and shareable format. Providing up-to-date insights that allow retailers to make informed decisions, meet sustainability compliance requirements and demonstrate delivered savings.

Automation Library

Compiled of alarm and telemetry rules formulated using truth-based and rule-based logics, use of automated actions is informed and triggered by real-time data. Offering retailers automated actions that deliver accelerated results.

Dynamic Control

Dynamic control is informed automation that enables retailers to implement personalised asset running parameters or settings at scale. Creating optimised assets that account for changes in external environments and individual store requirements to ensure continuous cost savings.

Open and Scalable IoT Technology for Unconnected and Legacy Retail Estates.

Retail environments are notoriously fast-paced, it’s time to deploy real-time technology that can keep up.

By turning data insights into implemented actions, LoweConex technology empowers retailers to make decisions today that deliver results tomorrow. 

  • Simplify the complexity of multi-store operations with a software platform that centralises systems controls.
  • Create a connected estate that eliminates data silos and enables informed decision making.
  • Accurately forecast operational trends and complete effective resource planning with data reflective of your estate.
  • Comply with environmental frameworks such as TCFD, SECR, ESG and Net Zero with auditable data and verified reporting.
  • Empower your retail teams to focus on tasks that drive revenue and enhance customer experience with time-saving automation that takes care of repetitive manual processes.