Connect with Confidence, Control with Ease.

Looking for instant access to your asset data? want remote control capability that enables easy optimisation? and reliable connectivity to make it all happen?

Introducing LoweConex IoT devices. The hardware you need to turn unconnected retail equipment into controlled assets that connect to any software platform.

Create a Connected Estate

Designed to Do More, with Less.

Engineered Design

Talk about how it's designed by experts as there wasn't another solution on the market / how it faciliates energy management, maintenance and food safety + compliance in one device. FCC and EC approved / Visually discreet and non-obtrusive

Extensive Compatibility

LoweConex devices are compatible with an extensive range of assets. Specifically designed to support the diverse nature of retail asset registers and remove traditional barriers associated with connecting to asset types, models and controllers.

Easy Install

Plug and play design facilitates direct connection to asset controllers, streamlining the wiring of connection points from many to one for ease of install. The elimination of layers of traditional and time-consuming install protocol enables retailers to utilise service providers or electricians to complete device fitting for a cost-effective connectivity program.

Flexible Connectivity

Chose to connect and transmit data via Wi-Fi or GSM networks. Connectivity via GSM networks allows LoweConex devices to sit off retailer store networks, mitigating security and network failure risks via protected connectivity. If Wi-Fi connectivity is authorised LoweConex devices can auto change between Wi-Fi and GSM networks to ensure signal is maintained, ideal for store locations where Wi-Fi network coverage is intermittent.

Multi-Device Protection


Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication via LoweConex devices enables retailers to collect data from connected assets and implement instant remote changes on each asset directly. Utilising MQTT protocols to securely transfer data to the cloud instead of via an edge device first, removing a single point of failure.

Designed with Purpose to Perform in Fast-Paced Retail Environments.

Don't rely on the unreliable. Using protected networks and direct control protocols - LoweConex devices provide peace of mind for every retailer's connected estate. 

  • Prevent outdated hardware with remote firmware updates that deliver cutting-edge functionality to existing LoweConex devices.
  • Streamline control systems with device functionality that facilitates optimisation commands for energy management, maintenance and food safety + compliance.
  • Enhance the flexibility of your remote monitoring program with a hardware solution that connects to an extensive range of assets.
  • Inject agility into your asset management programs with real-time data collection and remote control that allows you to make decisions and implement solutions that match the fast pace of retail environments.