An End-To-End Solution

The LoweConex Bureau is a centralized estate management service that is responsible for system, asset and data management. 

Comprised of a dedicated team of experts who seek to simplify processes through automation, provide data-driven insights to advance operational performance and protect client interests through intelligent control.

An End-To-End Solution


The LoweConex Bureau connect and setup every LoweConex device, configuring all asset or system controllers in line with technical compliance standards. Creating customized dashboards and reports, automation rules or workflows and setpoint lockdown requirements as standard.





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Expertise You Can Trust

Food Safety Management

LoweConex Bureau set and lock optimum temperatures and alarm parameters for all assets.

Organized Compliance

Every compliance process is correctly implemented and appropriately documented.

Third Party Supervision

Contractors, service providers and external parties are closely managed to protect your business interests and public reputation.

Professionalism Built-In

LoweConex Bureau regularly work with high profile clients across extensive estates - each decision is carefully considered, and business impacts fully understood.

Innovate with Confidence

LoweConex Bureau setup, manage and monitor your estate for a stress free and streamlined experience that simplifies centralized control.

Continuous Improvement Partner

As your remote monitoring needs evolve, LoweConex Bureau has the expertise and capacity to grow with your business.