Measure, Monitor & Manage Your Energy Consumption

Optimize energy usage and enhance operational efficiency across your retail portfolio with LoweConex.  Assess energy demand and usage of any connected device, from refrigeration and freezer units to HVAC systems and lighting.  Then using automated countermeasures, driven by your data, implement effective energy consumption reduction initiatives that deliver tangible cost savings for your stores.

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Remote Switch-Offs

Introduce pre-determined switch-offs utilizing remote switch functionality. Powered by live data from your estate, LoweConex automates remote switch-offs to remove unnecessary continual running and produce energy efficiency savings.

Virtual Batteries

Virtual battery principles store energy during off peak times to create cost savings. Creating an energy reserve that is then released while energy is sold at higher tariffs to avoid unnecessary running costs.

Set-Point Standardisation

Standardize set-points estate wide or at store level to produce energy efficiencies. LoweConex automatically manages any set-point changes thereafter, with the option to implement set-point lockdown using rule-based logic to regulate set-points estate wide.

Temperature monitoring

Utilizing intelligent IoT core technology and unrivalled automation LoweConex delivers remote temperature monitoring that removes the need for manual temperature checks, allowing retailers to redeploy labour resources elsewhere and increase operational efficiencies estate wide. Asset temperatures can be regulated, alarm data tracked and temperatures optimized to reflect specific requirements – remotely. Driving down asset management costs and giving retailers a new level of control across their asset register.

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Temperature Log Automation

Continually monitor and automatically record live temperatures with LoweConex temperature log automation. Temperature data is collected 24/7 and transferred via secure channels to a completely cloud-based data sphere where it is stored for up to 5 years for live recall and archived thereafter. Designed to simply food safety compliance, LoweConex utilizes temperature data to provide automatic food safety reports that enable retailers to meet ISO 9001 regulations with ease.

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