Insight, analysis and control

Transform your Retail Estate

LoweConex is a market leading remote monitoring solution, designed to deliver a new level of insight, analysis and control that transforms retail estate management.  Utilizing the latest MQTT principles and offering a patented IoT Core platform in the form of a revolutionary data sphere, LoweConex is unlocking otherwise unrealized avenues of business advancement.

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Customised Energy Savings

Energy savings customised to your business. Harvesting c.100million data points every 60 seconds, energy demand and usage patterns are quickly identified by LoweConex. Understand your energy usage and reduce consumption with demand response initiatives and set-point standardisation.

HVAC Monitoring & Control

Actively monitor HVAC systems across multiple sites in real time, in one centralized location. Utilize intelligent control to optimize system running conditions remotely, reduce energy consumption and increase equipment life span.

Temperature Monitoring

Automated temperature monitoring from LoweConex collects temperature data 24/7. Never miss a reading, lose audit data or question asset temperatures again. With LoweConex you can meet compliance, mitigate food safety risks and prevent stock loss.

Automated Countermeasures

Triad Avoidance Recipes

Reduce energy usage during triad periods to avoid unnecessary charges. Using triad avoidance recipes, LoweConex automatically implements system running changes to ensure minimal energy usage when higher tariff rates are in place.

Virtual Batteries

Virtual battery principles store energy during off peak times to create cost savings. Creating an energy reserve that is then released while energy is sold at higher tariffs to avoid unnecessary running costs.

Set-Point Standardisation

Standardize set-points estate wide or at store level to produce energy efficiencies. LoweConex automatically manages any set-point changes thereafter, with the option to implement set-point lockdown using rule-based logic to regulate set-points estate wide.

Intelligent Remote Control

Remote Switch Offs

LoweConex can implement pre-determined switch-offs utilizing remote switch functionality, removing unnecessary continual running and producing energy efficiency savings estate wide.

Alarm Management

Facilitate accurate alarm diagnosis and maintain control of HVAC systems estate wide with alarm telemetry. LoweConex uses automation to triage alarms, raise work orders and diagnose faults. Reducing costs, time, labour and engineer callouts.

One Device, Multiple Units

With one LoweConex IoT gateway device, you can control multiple HVAC systems. Offering a cost-efficient solution that significantly reduces CAPEX outlay and monthly reoccurring costs.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Secure Data Storage

Collected data is fully auditable, available for install recall for 5 years and archived thereafter. Securely stored in the LoweConex cloud-based data sphere for easy access and compliance audits.

Instant Alarm Notifications

Receive alarm alerts in real-time via SMS, Phone Call or E-mail. Never miss necessary notifications again via your preferred communication method.

Automatic Alarm Triaging

Nuisance alarm alerts are eliminated using rule-based logic. Create custom rule responses that are automatically implemented when alarms are triggered.