Cutting Edge IoT Core Technology

LoweConex is a market leading remote monitoring solution, designed to deliver a new level of insight, analysis and control that transforms retail estate management.  Utilizing the latest MQTT principles and offering a patented IoT Core platform in the form of a revolutionary data sphere, LoweConex is unlocking otherwise unrealized avenues of business advancement.

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Next-Gen Visualization

One unified data platform, a new level of control. LoweConex have developed a patented data sphere that seamlessly integrates with multiple systems or corporates as a standalone IoT platform. Designed to operate at 4 nines, 99.99% uptime and guaranteed to three nines, 99.9% uptime.

AI-Driven Automation

LoweConex harvests c.2 billion data instances everyday, making c.250,000 automated actions every day. Delivering full end-to-end automated processes that transform asset management and drive efficiencies.

Rule Based & Truth Based Logic

Innovative IoT principles that enable automated actions to trigger based on pre-set running parameters. Allowing actions to be created based on data-driven intelligence.

Pioneering IoT Connectivity

LoweConex IoT gateways are the first devices to use a GSM network to transmit remote monitoring data to an IoT data platform in the retail sector.  Creating unique 2-way communication and control of connected devices. 

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Manage Energy Usage & Demand

Generate cost savings, improve energy efficiency or meet sustainability goals with intelligent energy monitoring from LoweConex.  Using cutting edge IoT core technology, LoweConex continuously analyses energy demand in real-time, of any connected asset or device.  Then using the automation platform, LoweConex applies running condition changes, virtual battery principles or triad avoidance recipes to save on consumption.

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Virtual Batteries

Virtual battery principles store energy during off peak times to create cost savings. Creating an energy reserve that is then released while energy is sold at higher tariffs to avoid unnecessary running costs.

Triad Avoidance Recipes

Reduce energy usage during triad periods to avoid unnecessary charges. Using triad avoidance recipes, LoweConex automatically implements system running changes to ensure minimal energy usage when higher tariff rates are in place.

Set-Point Standardisation

Standardize set-points estate wide or at store level to produce energy efficiencies. LoweConex automatically manages any set-point changes thereafter, with the option to implement set-point lockdown using rule-based logic to regulate set-points estate wide.

Switch-Off Now, Save Later

Introduce pre-determined switch-offs utilizing remote switch functionality.  Powered by live data from your estate, LoweConex automates remote switch-offs to remove unnecessary continual running and produce energy efficiency savings.

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Take back Control of your HVAC Systems

HVAC systems consume more than 40% of final energy consumption in commercial buildings.  With LoweConex IoT Gateways, LoweConex gives you the power to implement data-driven improvements that continually reduce energy consumption and generate significant ROI.

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Intelligent Remote Control

Utilize intelligent control to optimize HVAC system running conditions remotely, reduce energy consumption and increase equipment life span. Analyze and adjust running conditions based on store trading, operating times, seasonality or environmental factors specific to internal store zones. Each site can be customized to ensure system settings reflect building requirements or internal and external temperatures.

Centralized Remote Monitoring

Actively monitor HVAC systems across multiple sites in real time, in one centralized location.

One LoweConex Device, Multiple HVAC Units

With one LoweConex device you can control multiple HVAC systems. Offering a cost-efficient monitoring solution that significantly reduces initial CAPEX outlay and monthly reoccurring costs.

Complete Visibility, Full Traceability.

Maintain product integrity, protect quality assurance and simplify compliance with food safety regulations using automated temperature monitoring from LoweConex. 

Collecting over 100 million live data temperature points per minute, LoweConex has a data resolution of 60 seconds.  Enabling live detection when refrigeration cases go over or under temperature, reducing risk of product waste, stock loss or unsafe produce to be purchased. 

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Secure Data Storage

Collected data is fully auditable, available for install recall for 5 years and archived thereafter. Securely stored in the LoweConex cloud-based data sphere for easy access and compliance audits.

Modifiable Data Resolution

Data resolution can be modified to meet your specified temperature check processes. Collecting the data you need in line with specified processes or compliance regulations

Automatic Alarm Triage

Real-time alarms are automatically addressed via customizable alarm triage, ensuring nuisance alarms are removed. While alarm telemetry and data driven diagnostics facilitate accurate diagnosis on first occurrence.

Filtered Control

One unified data platform, a new level of control. LoweConex patented data sphere allows users to filter data to view individual stores, review active alarms or evaluate collective results.

Automatic Set-Point Standardization

Set-point changes can be automatically pushed to one asset or multiple assets instantly. Automating existing processes to deliver time, labour and operational savings.