Data-driven Visibility & Compliance.

Optimize the management of pharmaceutical cold storage or building environments and increase regulatory compliance with LoweConex.  Wireless IoT gateways remove the need for complex wired connections and deliver flexible remote monitoring with AI-driven automation to provide complete control.

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Harness the power of cutting edge IoT core technology

LoweConex enables pharmaceutical and life science companies to intelligently monitor and adjust system running conditions, vital to robust quality processes. Using data to drive decisions and create new efficiencies, LoweConex offers a Smart IoT solution.

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Asset Visibility
  • Simple Installation
  • Automated Alarm Telemetry Analysis
  • Data Reportable for 5 Years & Stored Indefinitely
  • Patented Data Sphere Visualization Platform

Temperature Monitoring

Protect product viability with live temperature data, gathered and displayed in real-time. Receive instant alarm alerts when safe temperatures are exceeded.

Asset Monitoring

Monitor asset running conditions, performance and location. LoweConex uses live data and GPS tracking to provide full visibility of your estate.

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failures in advance with live performance data and alarm telemetry analysis. Reducing risk of product loss due to equipment breakdowns.

Intelligent HVAC Monitoring

Tailor HVAC running conditions remotely and optimize running performance based on specific building or environmental conditions e.g. internal or external temperatures.

Energy Monitoring

Live analysis of asset energy usage allows for targeted conservation measures to be implemented, creating significant cost savings estate wide.

Connected Building

One data sphere can monitor all data points in your connected building strategy. Connecting otherwise unrelated data to optimize building performance.