Collect, Analyse & Automate Data-Driven Improvements.

Create a more efficient running environment and drive cost-saving improvements with LoweConex. Wireless IoT gateways create convenient connections, allowing two-way communication and AI-driven automation to instantly apply estate-wide corrections.

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Instant data transmission, immediate results.

LoweConex offers manufacturers complete connectivity, intelligent control and AI-powered automation to improve equipment uptime and streamline efficiency.

  • IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
  • Energy Usage & Demand
  • Asset Visibility
  • Intelligent HVAC Monitoring and Control
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Connected Building

IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Use live data to accurately predict equipment breakdowns before they occur. Avoiding costly repairs, engineer callouts or production stoppages.

Energy Monitoring

View energy usage of any connected asset and implement conservation measures such as set-point standardization and virtual battery principles to drive efficiency.

Intelligent HVAC Monitoring

Customize individual HVAC systems to reflect building requirements or daily internal and external temperatures. All in real time, all in one centralized location.

Asset Monitoring

Manage asset performance, running conditions and location with live data and GPS tracking. Asset data is securely stored for instant recall and comparative analysis.

Connected Building

Connect otherwise unrelated data points to provide full visibility of internal and external assets or systems. Highlighting improvement areas to optimize building performance.

Temperature Monitoring

Automatically regulate asset temperatures and track alarm data to mitigate against stock loss, ensure compliance or optimize temperatures to reflect specific requirements.