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Future proof your estate by harnessing the power of revolutionary IoT remote monitoring technology. LoweConex is a game changing IoT core remote monitoring platform with data-driven automation improving efficiencies & compliance.

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How Retail collect, visualise and use their data has changed forever.

LoweConex enables retailers to take a new level of control across both legacy and new estates. Creating a centralized location to analyze store performance, deploy AI-driven efficiencies, monitor asset running conditions to predict faults and use IoT systems to ensure food safety compliance.

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Asset Visibility
  • Energy Reduction and Usage
  • IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
  • Intelligent HVAC Monitoring & Control
  • Food Safety Compliance

Temperature Monitoring

Automatically regulate asset temperatures and track alarm data to mitigate against stock loss, ensure compliance or optimize temperatures to reflect specific requirements.

Asset Monitoring

Access a live asset register at the touch of a button, complete with customisable meta-data such asset location, manufacturer, controllers and refrigerant. LoweConex offers food manufacturers increased control of equipment fleets.

Energy Monitoring

Understand energy usage and reduce consumption with estate wide set-point standardization, automated switch-offs and virtual battery principles.

IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Use live data to predict equipment failures and identify maintenance requirements. Reducing unnecessary engineer callouts and costly equipment repairs.

Intelligent HVAC Monitoring

Analyze store data and adjust HVAC running conditions remotely based on store trading, operating times or environmental factors specific to internal zones.

Connected Building

Optimize store performance through cross data analysis of internal and external systems. Connecting unrelated data points to implement a truly connected building strategy.