Next-Gen IoT Solutions for Manufacturing.

Comply with quality processes and reduce equipment downtime with LoweConex. Wireless IoT gateways connect your assets to a revolutionary, cloud-based datasphere. Key pressure points such as temperature monitoring and alarm management are automatically addressed with AI-driven technology.

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IoT core drives the next generation of efficiencies in Manufacturing.

LoweConex delivers intelligent solutions that enable food manufacturers to confidently meet regulatory compliance and address maintenance inefficiencies to increase production performance.

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
  • Energy Usage & Demand
  • Intelligent HVAC Monitoring and Control
  • Asset Visibility
  • Automatic Alarm Telemetry

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Implement set-point changes remotely and resolve alarms automatically with wireless temperature monitoring.

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Schedule PPM frequency in response to live data, reducing engineer callouts and avoiding costly equipment repairs.

Complete Asset Monitoring

Understand energy usage and demand of any connected asset. Then apply running condition changes and triad avoidance recipes to save on consumption.

Intelligent HVAC Monitoring

Optimize system running conditions remotely and monitor HVAC systems across multiple sites in real time, in one centralized location.

Asset Monitoring

Access a live asset register at the touch of a button, complete with customisable meta-data such asset location, manufacturer, controllers and refrigerant. LoweConex offers food manufacturers increased control of equipment fleets.

Connected Building

Centrally monitor all data points in your connected building strategy. Connecting otherwise unrelated assets to provide complete visibility of building performance.