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Truly wireless IoT core remote monitoring and control

Lowe support retailers with a comprehensive range of high-quality retail fridges and freezers for short-term and long-term rental solutions.

  • Store delivery, planning and logistics with Lowe operations team
  • The latest ‘Best in Class’ integral refrigeration
  • Onsite servicing and support
  • Fully managed installation and ordering
  • Flexible long-term rental options

Focus on the data that counts.

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Operate independently or connect to any compatible controller. LoweConex can monitor asset, ambient and product temperature at a data resolution of 60 seconds.

HVAC Monitoring & Control

Actively monitor HVAC systems across multiple sites in real time, in one centralized location. Utilize intelligent control to optimize system running conditions remotely, reduce energy consumption and increase equipment life span.

Energy Monitoring

Ingressing all your devices energy data in combination with running condition data and estate-wide automated control, LoweConex drives down energy usage and demand.