Drive Production Efficiencies with Remote Monitoring

Consistent operational efficiency is essential to meet internal processing timelines, placing equipment reliability at the core of successful food and beverage production. 

With the latest IoT predictive maintenance offering on the market, LoweConex delivers unrivalled automation to prevent unplanned equipment downtime, implement remote fixes and drastically reduce engineer callouts. 

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Performance as Promised.

Remote Fixes

LoweConex can automatically implement remote fixes,

Reduced Engineer Callouts

Truth-based logic continuously & automatically monitors faults, applying changes and fixes to reduce false callouts.

Reduced Equipment Downtime

LoweConex uses data to predict when equipment failures are about to take place, analysing live performance and alarm telemetry to automatically identify maintenance requirements.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

Targeted preventive maintenance in combination with immediate breakdown repair extends the lifespan of your equipment by continually optimising running conditions.

Data-Driven PPM Regimes

PPM frequency can be scheduled in response to live data, enabling facilities teams to avoid undetected issues turning into costly equipment repairs or permanent damage that calls for replacement assets.

Automatic Work Orders

With open API to directly connect to existing work order systems, LoweConex can automatically raise work orders.

Dedicated Operational Support

The LoweConex Bureau provides customers with dedicated support teams that manage: 

> Alarm triaging 

> Effective lock down and normalisation of all set-points

> Provide accurate and timely notifications

> Focus on delivering tailored outcomes for you

> Create and manage all rules and logic

> Analyse, then report on data concerns and data trends

> Act as a continuous improvement partner

> handle and manage level escalations 24/7

> provide fast resolutions

> directly decrease maintenance costs from service contractor site visits

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