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Using a unified data platform and innovative IoT principles, LoweConex allows food manufacturers to visualize and view their complete asset register across multiple site locations.

From there users can automate day to day processes to drive savings in key cost centres.  From IoT predictive maintenance to prevent breakdowns to automated temperature monitoring that drives forward food safety compliance, LoweConex provides centralized control to create connected operations. 

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How does it work?

LoweConex connects directly to your assets and transfers data via secure channels to a patented cloud-based data sphere.  This IoT platform enables users to visualise their data in detail across multiple site locations, with a single sphere capable of displaying 2 million individual assets across 2,700 sites.

Collecting c.100 million data instances per minute at a data resolution of 60 seconds, LoweConex can overlay otherwise unconnected data points to predict breakdowns, provide comprehensive performance understanding, triaging and fault diagnosis.  Automatically monitoring equipment, LoweConex can remotely apply fixes and take corrective action to improve system running conditions using truth-based and rule-based logic. 

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Asset Data You Can Use.

Industries like Food Manufacturing that run large ecliptic fleets of equipment across their estates can face a huge challenge in keeping accurate, useful and reportable registers. LoweConex solves this at installation, using the meta-data recorded as part of set-up to give unrivalled downloadable and filtered asset registers.

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Eliminate Manual Paper Logs

Reduce manual labour requirements, eliminate error prone paper logs and automate food safety reporting with IoT powered temperature monitoring from LoweConex. 

Allowing manufacturers to meet ISO 9001 requirements with ease, LoweConex automatically collects live temperature data 24/7. Monitoring asset, ambient and product temperature at a data resolution of 60 seconds.


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Elevate Food Safety & Compliance

Automated Reports (ISO 9001)

Receive customized automated reports at a frequency of your choosing. LoweConex can automatically send food safety and compliance reports, tailored to meet ISO 9001 requirements.

Secure Data Storage

Collected data is fully auditable, available for install recall for 5 years and archived thereafter. Securely stored in the LoweConex cloud-based data sphere for easy access and compliance audits.

Instant Alarm Notifications

Receive alarm alerts in real-time via SMS, Phone Call or E-mail. Never miss necessary notifications again via your preferred communication method.

Automatic Alarm Triaging

Nuisance alarm alerts are eliminated using rule-based logic. Create custom rule responses that are automatically implemented when alarms are triggered.

Set-Point Lockdown

Controller settings can be updated so that they are unalterable on-site. This allows a greater degree of control, mitigates risk and maintains optimal running conditions.

Set-Point Standardization

Standardize temperature set-points estate wide or at site level in a single click. Removing the need for trained engineers to manually change the set-point of each asset and reducing operational costs.

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