Retail Week Panel: How can Retailers Build Sustainable Stores?

Retail Week Panel: How can Retailers Build Sustainable Stores?

On October 6th 2022, LoweConex were joined by IKEA, LUSH and Decathlon at Retail Week's inaugural Sustainability Summit in London for a panel discussion on all things instore sustainability. 

Discussing challenges faced, sustainability initiatives implemented and a range of recommendations for retailers turning day-to-day retail operations into sustainable business practices. 

From recyclable packaging to upcycling unsold stock to using energy more efficiently, retailers integrating sustainable practices into their business strategy are more prepared to address the needs of the modern consumer. 

Watch the panel discussion to gain valuable insights into: 

  • How retailers can make store operations more sustainable.
  • Practical takeaways to overcome key challenges.
  • Expert recommendations for finding new opportunities.

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