LoweConex host partnership event with Hitachi Digital Services

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LoweConex host partnership event with Hitachi Digital Services

LoweConex and Hitachi Digital Services held their joint event, “Accelerating a Sustainable Future”, in the National Space Centre, discussing sustainability challenges and how IoT and cloud technology are being used to overcome them.

LoweConex is an award-winning IoT software platform that makes it simple to collect estate data, monitor performance and control business locations and stores remotely. The LoweConex software platform ultimately helps businesses reduce energy consumption and costs, mitigate business risk, drive reporting efficiencies, and make sustainability goals achievable.

The technology is used by some of the largest organisations in the retail, hospitality, industrial manufacturing, and public sectors, helping organisations to virtualise the control layer of their business estates, and take back centralised control.

Hitachi Digital Services is accelerating transformation in businesses by bringing the physical and digital worlds together through connective technology and consulting support.

Coming together the two businesses will leverage shared capabilities to support organisations in streamlining their business processes and achieve untapped potential in their estates to save energy, costs and accelerate sustainable development.

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Orla McGreevy, Divisional Director at LoweConex, commented on the event saying, “We were delighted to welcome attendees to our partnership event earlier this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Steve and Lucy about their work at swim! and Tesco respectively and talking in depth about the initiatives they are rolling out to challenge sustainability challenges.”

A recent report showed that in the UK alone, around 40% of UK carbon emissions are linked in the built environment. Around 28% of global emissions come from heating, cooling, and lighting buildings, providing significant opportunities for GHG emissions reductions at scale in large building portfolios.

Technologies such as those offered by LoweConex are helping businesses to resolve that challenge, leveraging the latest in automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to expedite carbon reduction initiatives.

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LoweConex Chief Executive Officer, Ian Lowry, commented on the partnership event saying, “As the race to net zero accelerates and technology is continuously evolving, the demand for innovative solutions to support sustainability ambitions is growing.

As a disruptor in building management technology, we’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation in this space and taking our journey to the next level with partnerships such as this latest addition with Hitachi Digital Services.”

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LoweConex is your trusted estate automation partner. Using our award-winning software platform, we empower businesses’ estates through connected automation at scale.

Using our system, users can connect to any hardware, software, or asset, ingest data from those systems, then connect, monitor and control their estate and assets from remote locations through LoweConex.

With centralised control for refrigeration, temperature control, HVAC, building management systems (BMS), lighting, wet systems and more, your business can actualise change rapidly with automated rulesets that ensure your technology responds instantly to physical changes in surrounding climates.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in retail, hospitality and BMS, LoweConex is helping businesses to reduce spend via energy management, automating reporting capabilities, creating maintenance efficiencies, reducing risk through accurate compliance and giving back control with centralised capabilities and dashboards.

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