Fashion Retailer Achieve 14% Average Energy Reduction per Store

Case Study
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Fashion Retailer Achieve 14% Average Energy Reduction per Store

This leading global fashion retailer with over 3,400 stores utilises LoweConex to optimise energy consumption, significantly reducing the businesses overall energy footprint and the impact their stores have on their surrounding communities and the environment.

Having utilised BMS solutions previously, LoweConex worked alongside this major retailer to identify opportunities for further improvement by leveraging our internet of things (IoT), cloud connectivity and automation technology.

Prior to adopting LoweConex, this retailer were having challenges such as:

  • Stores of approx. under 3,000 sq. ft where not suitable for Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) installation due to the small size of their store footprint, preventing optimisation of energy usage and consumption.
  • Stores utilising BEMS faced energy optimisation limitations as remote adjustments occurred on an individual store-by-store basis via manual intervention and updates.
  • Incomplete visualisation of complete Building Energy footprint due to disconnected estates giving energy and sustainability teams a partial view.
  • Time wasted on manual energy calculations for the estate, meaning opportunities existed to automate processes and save time and money.

Through this partnership, the retailer were able to work with LoweConex to achieve the below:

  • Implemented LoweConex software to connect existing BEMS, unlocking centralised control with an improved platform that provided further efficiencies and mass live-time control for energy reduction.
  • Implemented IoT gateways for stores approximately under 3,000sqft, offering the retailer a hardware solution that is easy to install in smaller store formats.
  • Offered the remote control needed to push multiple changes via automation at scale, reacting to seasonal demands such as brighter lighting during peak trading.
  • Implemented dynamic setpoint strategies based on changing external weather conditions.
  • Delivered enhance energy savings as assets can be controlled on a much more granular level via automation at scale, offering small efficiencies in each store that provide savings at scale.

  • 14% average energy and carbon reduction per newly connected store
  • 9% average energy and carbon reduction per store for previously connected stores
  • 242 tCO2e annual reduction in carbon emissions
  • £261,881 annual energy cost savings

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