Case Study: How a Global Fashion Retailer Tackles Net Zero

Case Study
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Case Study: How a Global Fashion Retailer Tackles Net Zero

As sustainability requirements have evolved, navigating the crisis has become increasingly complex for all business sectors, but in particular retail businesses.

For this particular retailer, challenges were arising with:

  • Regulatory compliance with requirements such as Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR), Net Zero, ESG investor requirements and more emerging regulation.
  • Siloed data structures across the organisation - multiple systems that did not speak to each other making complete energy data visualisation impossible.
  • Changing consumer behaviour and customer drivers toward eco-consumerism. This retailer had a particular interest in driving sustainability initiatives to impress their customers.

Working with LoweConex, the retailer were able to introduce an estate-wide automation software to enable significant energy reductions and achieve their wider business objectives. 

Through the collaboration, LoweConex worked with the retailer to:

  • Roll out an integrated hardware and software solution that harvested data from submeters, collecting energy performance data on all HVAC assets.
  • Used internet of things (IoT) connectivity to connect all assets across the store estate, providing complete visualisation of energy usage in real-time.
  • Enabled two way control enabling the retailer to centrally control all assets at scale across the estate via automation, enabling mass energy reduction across the entire business.
  • Enabled asset performance scoring and analysis, allowing the retailer to identify poor performing assets or those that were running too much to lower activity levels and therefore overall consumption.

Through this collaboration, the retailer were able to unlock previously unmet sustainability achievements.

High level results from the ongoing work:

  • 10% energy consumption reduction per store
  • 5,600 kWh energy saved per store, per year
  • 1,304 kgCO2e of carbon reduction per store, per year

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