Connected Building

The buildings you manage are inefficient in how they use the data they produce. Traditional Building / Building Energy Management Systems (BMS) (BEMS) harness and produce flat reports on pockets of data from systems that are grouped together, e.g. Energy metering, Lighting, HVAC etc. LoweConex patented and powerful data-sphere brings all these otherwise unconnected data points together.

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The Power of Truly Connected Data.

The IoT Core technology that powers LoweConex offers a unique platform to harvest data from any connected device into a common environment. Data from sources such as occupancy, lighting, HVAC, car parking, air quality, water usage etc. that traditionally sit in separate systems are now connected via LoweConex and can be harnessed to drive the next generation of improvements within your connected building.

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Fits in your current monitoring flow.

Software only or combination hardware & software solutions to meet your needs.

c.100million data points, per minute.

Superior data capture matches any estate size.

Automatic Alarm Triaging.

Rule-based logic ensure that the system handles nuisance alarms automatically.

Two-Way Communication.

Real-time responses to alarms, powered by automatic AI-driven communication.

Reportable Audit Data.

All recorded temperature data can be reported on for up to 5 years and is automatically archived thereafter.

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Operate independently or connect to any compatible controller. LoweConex can monitor asset, ambient and product temperature at a data resolution of 60 seconds.

IoT Gateways Deliver Enhanced Control

LoweConex IoT gateway devices remove for wired connections or data managers, as they connect directly to the LoweConex data sphere via WIFI, GSM using 2G, LTE-M & NB-IoT. This allows for rapid and securely two-way communication and control of the connected device.