Move Toward a Net Zero Future Today.

Reducing carbon emissions is a challenge with a ticking clock that has been extended to every business, in every sector but it is retailers who are most affected by Scope 2 targets. 

At LoweConex we see this challenge as an opportunity to innovate.  Utilising intelligent IoT technology, our expert team have built an energy reduction solution that accelerates GHG emission reductions for retailers. 

Let's talk about targets.

What is Scope 2?

Scope 2 addresses indirect GHG emissions released within your retail estate that are generated by purchased electricity, heating and cooling. For most retailers electricity will be the core source of Scope 2 emissions.

What does Scope 2 mean?

Energy used by refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other assets within your retail estate contribute to Scope 2 emissions. This means asset energy consumption is actively contributing to your carbon footprint.

What is required for Scope 2?

Retailers must disclose and report on these indirect GHG emissions, chosen reduction targets and reduction progress within annual reports. Placing a micro focus on data integrity and accurate energy consumption tracking.

Energy Consumption Tracking

LoweConex tracks your energy consumption across assets and retail locations in real-time to maximise returns from triad avoidance, lower tariffs and demand side response.

Intelligent HVAC Automation

LoweConex implements intelligent automation protocols such as remote switch-offs and setpoint standardisation to reduce your kWh energy consumption.

SMART-Enabled Refrigeration

LoweConex implements intelligent automation protocols such as setpoint standardisation and virtual battery principles to reduce your kWh energy consumption.

Auditable Data

LoweConex data is fully auditable for accurate, real-time tracking of Scope 2 progress against Net Zero targets. Allowing you to access the most relevant data for environmental and financial audits, with ease.

Interactive Reporting

LoweConex reporting allows retailers to interact with their data in live time. Live reports track asset performance, energy consumption, reduction initiatives and comparative data across multiple locations within your retail estate.

GHG Emissions Calculations

LoweConex energy experts calculate your GHG emissions against energy consumption using extensive data sets. Planning continuous targets for ongoing GHG reductions to future proof your retail estate.

Reduce your Scope 2 Emissions with a Single Solution.

Trust the energy experts. LoweConex lets retailers do what they do best, while our team of experts ensure your estate is doing its bit for the environment.

Using intelligent data and IoT powered energy reduction initiatives, LoweConex reduce your GHG emissions without impacting customer experience or employee activities.

  • Achieve substantial cost savings and immediate ROI.
  • Meet your Net Zero targets ahead of schedule.
  • Reduce your kWh energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Access to dedicated energy specialists and data scientists for consultative support.
  • Optimise estate asset performance to create a more sustainable retail environment.
  • Prove your sustainability credentials as a business through easy to share and trackable reporting.