Real Automation, Done Properly, Saves Money.

Saving money in an era of sustainability seems to be a secret no one wants to talk about.  At LoweConex, we're upfront.  Our intelligent automation saves you serious money. 

As our team of data scientists analyse your data, they can understand how customer footfall, weather conditions or energy tariffs affect your retail estate.  Informing the creation of logics that instantly implement money saving adjustments at mass based on your estate's specific variables. 

What is Included?

Access to Extensive Rule Library

Select automated rules from a regularly reviewed library or create bespoke rules to target specific requirements or energy market changes.

Assured Testing & Verification

Automated rules are agreed after consultation with your relevant retail team and tested and verified by the LoweConex Bureau before implementation.

Adaptable & Reactive Triggers

LoweConex automation triggers are adaptable to reflect the changeable nature of your retail estate. Rules can be deactivated or edited to react to changes in customer behaviour, business process or energy market tariffs.

What Does That Deliver?

Increased Efficiencies

Automatically implement intelligent control actions based on live-time data to reduce your energy consumption, optimise your retail estate and resolve issues in real-time. LoweConex utilizes intelligent automation to generate cost savings and new efficiencies for retailers at scale, without impacting customer or colleague experience.

Extended Asset Lifespans

Extend the lifespan of your retail assets via automation rules that are automatically implemented to ensure your assets are only running when required and at optimal running parameters.

Time Savings

Seamlessly implement intelligent changes to improve the efficiency of your retail estate without the need for extensive inhouse retail teams or additional resources to implement reduction actions store by store.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Your data is talking, it's time to understand what it's saying.

Alongside our intelligent IoT software, LoweConex uses data science to derive actionable insights from your data and inform intelligent automation.  Empowering your retail estate to achieve new energy efficiencies and carbon reductions that positively impact the bottom line. 

As retailers take part in a relentless race towards Net Zero, LoweConex is here to help you work smarter, not harder. 

Data Science Defined

Data science combines multiple fields, including statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis to extract value from data. Those who practice data science are called data scientists and they combine a range of skills to analyse data collected from a variety of sources.

How Does It Work?

Data scientists derive actionable insights through utilizing techniques such as cleansing, aggregating and manipulating data to perform advanced analysis. Analytical applications and data scientists can then review the results to uncover patterns and enable business leaders to draw informed insights.

How Does LoweConex use Data Science?

Alongside our software, LoweConex data scientists are used to provide an additional layer of investigative analysis and process optimisation. Informed by insights derived from your centralised data, LoweConex data scientists review changes within your retail estate daily and apply optimisation actions in real-time. These actions can include intelligent adjustments to improve energy reduction, implementing dynamic setpoints to XX and changing merchandising processes to XX.

Addressing Myths, Misconceptions & Misinformation.

At LoweConex, we've heard them all.  We understand the confusion behind their creation and the limitations of competing technologies that compound them. 

We do things differently.  Our data scientists derive actionable insights at speed using your real-time data, centralised by our software.  Our automation is intelligent, informed by their insights, inclusive of live variables and instantly implemented at scale.  

Discover data science and automation as you've never known it before. 

  • Data science is time-consuming, it can't keep up with the pace or change of a fast paced retail environment.
  • Automation is not intelligent, it doesn't account for live variables or differences across stores.
  • Automated actions take too long to implement, leading to compromised asset management.
  • Automation is impractical, it can't be implemented at the scale required by large retail estates.