Reinventing FM with IoT Data-driven Automation.

Realize immediate operational efficiencies and gain enhanced asset visibility with LoweConex.  Wireless IoT gateways remove the need for complex wired connections and enable AI driven automation to create tangible benefits for facilities management.

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Intelligent remote monitoring for centralized control

LoweConex enables facilities management to create a connected estate and implement data driven decisions that drive efficiencies and automate asset management. 

  • IoT Predictive Maintenance
  • Intelligent HVAC Monitoring and Control
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Energy Usage and Demand
  • True Automated Smart Buildings
  • Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Monitor live temperature data and apply rule-based logic to automate alarm triage. Reducing false alarms and unnecessary manual intervention.

IoT Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Automatically identify abnormal running conditions and predict equipment failures before they occur with live data and alarm telemetry analysis.

Intelligent HVAC Monitoring

Optimize system running conditions remotely and monitor HVAC systems across multiple sites in real time, in one centralized location.

Asset Monitoring

View live performance data of assets estate wide and monitor location movement with GPS tracking. LoweConex provides ultimate control for effective asset management.

Energy Monitoring

Analyze energy demand in real-time of any connected system and automate running condition changes to save on consumption.

Connected Building

Easily analyze data across internal and external systems to optimize building performance. Connecting otherwise isolated data points to implement a truly connected building strategy.