Dobbies Garden Centres - Using SMART Enabled Refrigeration to Reduce CapEx and OpEx

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Dobbies Garden Centres - Using SMART Enabled Refrigeration to Reduce CapEx and OpEx

For 150 years, Dobbies has stood for quality horticulture, holding their position as a market leader in Garden Chains across the UK. With over 3,800 colleagues in 77 stores, Dobbies are a household brand providing garden furniture, gardening equipment, outdoor living and home furniture. The organisation have a long commitment to sustainability with a focus on their products, recycling and initiatives within their stores.

Dobbies required new refrigeration assets across their stores for a new product offering of fresh food. Investing in those assets across the estate would have led to a significant upfront Capital Expenditure (CapEx) investment for the organisation, and so a more flexible option with a sustainable focus was required.

Prior to adopting LoweConex and Rental+ SMART Enabled Refrigeration, Dobbies were having challenges such as:

  • Had a requirement for new refrigeration assets but wanted to limit new CapEx investment.
  • New assets had to align with the sustainability goals of Dobbies, ensuring they could introduce refrigeration without drastically increasing energy consumption or environmental impact of the stores.
  • Needed new ways to cut store Operational Expenditure (OpEx) in order to maximise the profitability of existing stores so the organisation could continue to thrive and grow.
  • Struggling to introduce full 360 visibility of asset performance and maintenance across the store facilities.
  • Limited real-time monitoring capabilities across existing assets in stores and across the wider estate.

Working with Rental+ and LoweConex, Dobbies initially rented 567 refrigeration cabinets and walk-in coldrooms as SMART Enabled, providing them with a no CapEx solution across their estate with associated technology to optimise OpEx over time.

  • Rental+ provided Dobbies with the 567 units, providing delivery of each asset to every required store with the LoweConex SMART enabled technology installed.
  • LoweConex monitor the operational performance of every refrigeration unit and ensure assets run on set schedules to standardise setpoint control and roll out remote switch-offs for non-perishable units to reduce energy consumption.
  • The technology’s operational monitoring then provides 24/7/365 alarms for any faults that may arise, ensuring Dobbies can get ahead of faults before they occur.
  • If an asset does breakdown, LoweConex will liaise with the Rental+ maintenance teams to manage the work orders for Dobbies, minimising OpEx related to facilities and running costs even further.

  • £787.11 Annual Average Saving per Cabinet
  • £417,120 Total Savings

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