Disconnect from Disjointed Data

Discover a centralized data platform that houses every asset, system and device.  With an industry leading software and hardware approach, LoweConex provides real-time remote monitoring and intelligent integrated control of a wide range of connected systems.


Connect every asset, system and device via LoweConex hardware or software API integration with existing systems.


Capture real-time data every 60 seconds and gain unrestricted visibility of asset, system or device performance across every site location. LoweConex also builds an instant asset register. Device identification, location and related running information is automatically collected on connection.


Use a suite of patented data visualization tools and configurable reporting to overlay and analyse otherwise unconnected data points. Easily identify trends, complete predictive analysis and eliminate guesswork with intelligent diagnostics.

What can a UdP do for your business?

In today's era of data explosion, businesses have access to more information than ever before.  Imagine what your business could do if all your data were collected, visualized and securely stored in one centralized location.

Unlock otherwise unrealized avenues of business development with access to otherwise unconnected data points.

  • Realize the true value of your data. Access advanced data analytics that deliver increased business insight, informed decisions and intelligent diagnostics.
  • Eliminate multi-platform asset monitoring with one single source of truth.
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Address Your Challenges

Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce CapEx needs as you prolong the life of existing assets with enhanced analysis and reduce overall costs with streamlined operations. Implement economies of scale with all your data points consolidated into and managed by one system, provided by one supplier.


Comply with data regulations with ease. LoweConex uses MQTT data transfer protocols and comprehensive end-to-end data automation process to ensure you meet industry standards at all times.

Operational Excellence

Standardize data management processes to remove inefficiencies and increase cost efficiencies

How to Achieve a UdP


Connect to existing data managers and utilize URL redirect to directly send data to the LoweConex cloud-based UdP.

Software and Hardware

Connect wireless IoT gateways to your assets or panels / controllers to directly send data via WiFi / GSM to the LoweConex cloud-based UdP.

Combination Approach