The Next Generation in Remote Monitoring.

Using cutting edge IoT core technology and powerful AI-driven automation, LoweConex is truly reinventing remote monitoring.  Offering a completely wireless solution that uses innovative IoT principles to collect, analyse and automate data-driven decisions across otherwise unrelated data points.

Flexible Solutions

Software Only Solution

The LoweConex data sphere connects directly to the edge device and instantly harvests legacy data from existing controllers within your estate.

Software & Hardware Lite

LoweConex IoT gateways are fitted to your assets, creating secure wireless connections which remove the need for complex wired connections and enables two-way communication via MQTT & NB-IoT.

Software & Hardware Full

The dual approach sweeps up existing data points that are already connected across your estate, in combination with our hardware device to allow us to monitor any assets that are currently unconnected.

Bureau Function

The LoweConex Bureau is now fully operational, ensuring that customers assets are fully managed. With this now in place, we can help customers take full advantage of all the functionality of the LoweConex devices and give them full control of their legacy assets.

  • Dedicated teams reviewing all data instances
  • Provide accurate and timely notifications
  • Alarm triaging
  • Create & manage all rules & logics
  • Effective lockdown and normalisation of all set points
  • Analysing then reporting on data concerns & data trends
  • Focused on delivering tailored outcomes for you
  • Inhouse expertise to implement industry best practice

Tailor-made Requirements

Automated Remote Monitoring

Asset Monitoring Solutions

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Two Way Communication

Temperature Monitoring Control

Energy Monitoring Services

Connect Any Compatible Data Point.

Data is continually harvested from any connected asset and instantly transmitted to the revolutionary data sphere.  LoweConex sweeps up refrigeration temperatures, HVAC, alarms, lighting, asset energy consumption and any other compatible data point.

Cloud-Based Software Platform

Data is transferred via secure channels to a completely cloud-based data sphere where users can remotely monitor assets, implement changes and effectively manage their entire estate in one centralized location. 

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