Transform Building Energy Management

Using innovative IoT principles, 2-way communication and unrivalled automation, LoweConex intelligently monitors and controls building services with high energy requirements such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

Leverage LoweConex to Transform Your Energy Management

Centralized Data

Easily view and access all your data in a single unified data platform.

Intelligent Control

Remotely implement changes to system running times and set-points.

Dedicated Operational Support

LoweConex Bureau offers a fully managed service, delivering actionable insights and implementing L2 support requirements remotely.

Smart Insights

Easily access actionable insights on every building critical system and stand-alone device.

Improved Efficiencies

Increase energy efficiency, reduce consumption and generate cost savings.

Increased Sustainability

Create a regulated environment that boosts productivity and maintains facility value.

How does it work?

An industry leading software and hardware combination approach ensures seamless integration with your existing BMS or stand-alone devices. Providing real-time remote monitoring and integrated control of a wide range of connected systems, LoweConex not only monitors but actively implements improvements to system running conditions that deliver optimized performance.

A Custom-Fit Solution

Software Solution

The LoweConex data sphere connects directly to any BMS and devices (via API), instantly harvesting legacy data from existing controllers within your estate. LoweConex then utilizes revolutionary IoT principles and rule-based logic to enable real time, data driven monitoring.

Hardware Solution

LoweConex IoT gateways are fitted to your assets, creating secure wireless connections which remove the need for complex wired connections and enable two-way communication via MQTT & NB-IoT. Instantly transmitting data via secure channels to the LoweConex sphere and allowing changes to be applied automatically to any connected asset.

Gap Mitigation

With LoweConex the capability exists to sweep up existing data points that are already connected across your building estate, in combination with our hardware device to allow us to monitor any assets that are currently unconnected. This dual approach creates a prepared environment that accounts for legacy assets and actively anticipates future requirements for extended integration across new assets.

Effective Energy Management Delivered in 3 Steps

Understand Energy Consumption

LoweConex understands how much energy your building uses, across which systems and in what way. Analysing energy demand and consumption.

Propose Data Driven Improvements

Highlights improvement areas based on your energy usage analysis to help you become more energy efficient and generate cost savings.

Implement Seamless Integration

Connect LoweConex to your building automation systems (BAS) to intelligently collect, securely store and accurately analyse your data. Driving long-term efficiencies across your building operations.