Intelligent IoT Technology

Intelligent IoT Technology

How Do You Use Your Data?

For most retailers achieving true visibility of their asset fleet and an accurate understanding of asset performance across their estate is a complex task laden with stumbling blocks.

LoweConex offers a centralised solution, bringing a new level of insight, analysis and control to your retail estate. Endless data points are housed in one unified data platform that is helping businesses visualise their asset management, better understand their data and implement actionable insights with ease.

Creating tangible savings across energy consumption and maintenance, alongside driving operational efficiencies with automated temperature monitoring and intelligent HVAC control.  With LoweConex, businesses are unlocking otherwise unrealised avenues of business development and advancement.


Next-Gen Visualisation

LoweConex connects directly to your assets and transfers data via secure channels to a patented cloud-based data sphere.  This IoT platform enables users to visualise their data in detail across multiple store locations, with a single sphere capable of displaying 2 million individual assets across 2,700 sites.

With a data resolution of 60 seconds, LoweConex has the data capacity to ingress large volumes of data – at speed:

Every minute: c.100 million data instances are collected.

Every hour: c.6 billion data instances are collected.

Every day: c.145billion data instances are collected.

Connecting multiple otherwise unrelated data points, businesses can obtain a comprehensive picture of their estate, 24/7.  Guaranteed to operate at three nines with 99.9% uptime but designed to operate at four nines, LoweConex ensures this picture remains as required – uninterrupted.  

The LoweConex data sphere is also designed to seamlessly integrate with multiple systems or operate as a standalone IoT platform.

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Pioneering IoT Connectivity

LoweConex IoT gateways are the first devices to use a GSM network to transmit remote monitoring data to an IoT data platform in the retail sector. Creating unique two-way communication and control of connected devices that removes the need for wired connections or data managers.  

Two-way communication creates the control that enables automation to truly transform your retail operations.  In day-to-day applications, this functionality translates to estate-wide set point standardisation on a single click, automated real-time responses to alarms and fixes pushed remotely to manage changing asset conditions.

Unrivalled Automation

LoweConex is helping retailers to automate processes that have historically been unavoidably time intensive and expensive for businesses.  Using rule-based and truth-based logic to create automated actions that trigger based on pre-set running parameters, LoweConex delivers full end-to-end automated processes that reduce operational costs and free up valuable time.

Set-point standardisation at scale

A retailer with 800+ stores across their estate was seeking a solution for standardising set-points across their refrigeration fleet.  A traditionally time intensive and costly exercise that typically requires trained engineers to manually change the set-point of each asset, driving up maintenance costs.

LoweConex used two-way communication and automation to remotely apply new set-points and push them estate wide.

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Automated remote switch on / off for HVAC systems

A large national retailer with an average store footprint of 5,500 sq.ft  wanted to address their use of HVAC in-store to reduce unnecessary energy costs.  LoweConex implemented automatic HVAC shutdowns to match store opening and closing times, automatically shutting down the HVAC on store closure and restarting 1 hour before store opening.

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Reinventing Remote Monitoring

Offering a full suite of intelligent solutions tailored to individual business needs, LoweConex is changing how retailers collect, view and use their data.

From automated temperature monitoring to energy consumption reduction and IoT predictive maintenance , LoweConex has delivered significant cost savings for businesses and automated processes across multiple estates – all empowered by data that is waiting to be unlocked.

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